Birth Year: 1987

Nationality: PAKISTANI

Education: Intermediate

Present position: Site Supervisor

Professional Experience

  • Experience in Electrical Projects, Operations and Distributions. Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance of Power and Distribution Transformers, MV & LV Switchgears, MV & LV Capacitors, MV & LV Squirrel-Cage and Slip-Ring Induction Motors, MV Synchronous Induction Motors, DC Motor, DC Drives, LV&MV Variable Speed Drives, LV Soft Starters, Control & Protection Relays, Transformer, CT & PT testing, Control Relay Testing.
  • Installation, maintenance, repair and testing of electrical equipment for low and medium voltage, of conduits, wiring, fixtures and other electrical equipment.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Breakdown repairs.
  • Able to work long shifts in remote areas